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30 Things to Do to Celebrate National Poetry Month–Plus Three More–What about enclosing a poem in your bill payment!

Poets. Org has a wonderful list of 30 things to do to celebrate poetry month (April, right?).

31) But, here's one they haven't thought of. My father, Erwin A. Thompson, encloses a poem along with his bill to the Great Central Lumber Company. The women down there enjoy this so much that when once he arrived to pay his bill in person--without a poem--they were mightily disappointed.

32) Pop also takes his poems along to share in person when he goes in to see his chiropractor. Dr. Chris says he looks up at just the right moment to see his response. Pop calls these the "punch lines," just as comics do. Sometimes the punch in the lines is comic and sometimes it is more to the heart of the matter.

33) Pop also writes poems dedicated specifically to people and occasions and then gives these poems to the people involved. Reading them outloud to them first, of course.

So, you see, you can keep on adding to's wonderful list. And, if we do that, maybe we can have poetry month all year long. What an idea, hey?

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  1. I love your father's idea of enclosing a poem with his bills. Wouldn't it be great if our creditors would do the same for us? Thanks for the link to I especially loved the idea of 'chalkin' your talk' by putting a poem on the pavement. Might have to give that a whirl myself.

  2. wow, what a LOVELY idea! i have this habit of taking poems to my therapist (i always feel a bit like an eager beagle bringing back a duck to the master 🙂 - but including it with a bill! what a great idea! now i have an intense dislike for snailmail - let me think of a way to do this online ... hmmm ...

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