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Reader Views Interview with Western Author Erwin A. Thompson

Reader Views has just posted an intriguing interview with Pop about his new Western "Cattle Country and Back Trail: Two Tales from the Thompson Western Series." You can check out the Reader Views full review here as well.

Adventure. Romance. Humor. The two tales "Cattle Country and Back Trail" have it all.

These are tales of a century past. A time of range wars, rustling, and retribution. But also a time of courage and loyalty and coming to the aid of a friend in need—even if it means a gunfight.

Set in fictional Wagon Wheel County, these linked novellas flesh out the myths of the American Old West. The characters are complex and multidimensional, as true as any in our lives today. We recognize the villains’ lawlessness. We have neighbors whose rock-solid values make our communities strong. And we know many a red-blooded girl who wants to be just like these pioneering women—courageous and smart, not to mention easy on the eye.

So saddle up and join in the intricate drama set off by Henry Ashburn’s desperate fight to keep his land and cattle. The journey’s sometimes rocky, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll be glad you let yourself be roped in!

“Each chapter reads like an episode reminiscent of . . . Gun Smoke or Bonanza.” Richard R. Blake, Reader Views

“Writing with passion and zest for the West, Mr. Thompson provides us with glimpses into well-rounded characters we might meet in our own lives, were we so lucky.” Arletta F. Dawdy, author The Huachuca Trilogy

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  1. Wonderful reading. Have only gone over once but will absorb more of it later. Janet, I really would love to meet you one day. Maybe I can get someone to drive me down there this summer. Cuz. BJ

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