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The Terrorist Plot at Gopherville by Steve Bartholomew

An autobiographical novel about a geezer who talks to himself, eats roadkill, and would like to overthrow the government.

We call Steve Bartholomew "Bart" in these parts. Yesterday he presented his book to our Lake County reading and writing community at Watershed Books in Lakeport. I'm telling you, when we put on a party here, it's cozy.

Bart's book is a satire, and a good one. First, there's an entertaining, page-turning story to keep us involved. He's playful, funny, and even a little naughty here and there...all the while making serious points about The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and The War on Terrorism.

You'll love his anti-hero alter-ego, Bradshaw:

"Now, anyone meeting Bradshaw for the first time might have leaped to a number of mistaken conclusions. One of them might have been that he was anti-technology...Another wrong impression might have been that Bradsaw was poor...Another mistaken impression a stranger might have was that Bradshaw was ignorant and uneducated. That idea would be extremely wrong. Yet another possible impression might be that Bradshaw was crazy as a looon. In this, our theoretical stranger might possibly be correct" (Pp. 13-16)

And, you'll love the ending, taken, as it happens, from one of my favorite childhood stories. Sorry, can't tell you. I'm sworn to secrecy. You wouldn't want me to be in violation of the Patriot Act, now, would you?

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  1. First off, congratulations for a wonderful venue. It's on my favorite list and I am adding it to my blog links this weekend. I do want to hear more about Bart. Sounds like spirits are dancing in Gopherville.
    Thanks Janet,

  2. Thanks for the signed copy of your book,Steve. I am just getting into the story. I'm sure I'll have more comments later.

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